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Daria is 21 years old in real pictures

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Hey! My name is Daria, a 19 year old girl who will give you an experience that will bring you back to my age !!! Beautiful international level .......! You will arrive at your home / hotel for a sensational and sensational massage        
The exchange of money for personal and legal service at this meeting is for time, entertainment and meeting only. Nothing other than this is offered and/or implied. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preference and consent between two or more adults who are not legally defined as minors. Payment is for the above service[s] only and nothing else is included in the agreement or is required to be included in any form. This is not a proposal for the provision of illegal services and any payment will not be accepted for illegal activity.

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פלוני אלמוני
Mr Chu 29/07/2018 בשעה 01:01

Booking Kira

Hi, Saw Kira’s profile. Would like to meet her for one hour at 10:30 pm on 29 July in a hotel in Tel Aviv. Pls advise rate and availability. Is euro accepted? If yes, how much is one hour? Pls also send Kira’s uncovered selfie photos for prior viewing. Pls reply by email (NOT PHONE) to:

Tks. Mr Chu

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